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How often do we use the sauna, and how many times a week should we visit it?

Up to 300 calories can be burned during one sauna session. What's more, many bacteria and viruses are unable to survive at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. This means that a visit to the sauna makes us win in the fight against them without any special effort or medicines.

What to wear to the spa ?

Fashion does not avoid us regardless of the circumstances. Going to the pool or spa also raises questions about the outfit, and it is up to us whether we want to let go of the combinations, or whether we want to look in accordance with the trends.

Spa for singles, or what treatments are worth going to solo?

Is it easier to be single or in a couple in life? Opinions are divided. What is certain, however, is that in the Spa area a single person has no restrictions. This is an unquestionable advantage and a reason to visit such places, because then with a couple or with children it can become a problem.

Spa for couples – what treatments are recommended for couples?

The world of spa in its own way meets the needs of couples, who would like to stay together. After all, coming together is coming together.

Giżycko in winter? We recommend the best attractions.

Mało kto myśli, że na mazurach zima też może być piękna, a oblodzone jeziora mogą stanowić wyjątkową atrakcję. Wystarczy tylko ciepło się ubrać i ruszyć na spotkanie przygodzie. Giżycko zimą ma ich dla nas całkiem sporo.

Which facial beauty treatments should you choose?

Czego potrzebuje nasza cera? To podstawowa kwestia, jaka interesuje kosmetyczkę, gdy już do niej trafimy.

Boyen Fortress in Giżycko – why you must visit this attraction?

Imponujące wielkością i rozmachem budowle robią na nas wrażenie. W Polsce znajduje się kilkadziesiąt twierdz i fortyfikacji, które mają historię licznych oblężeń.

Whole body peeling – why is it worth it and how to create it?

Peeling ma za zadanie wspomóc regenerację skóry, a tym samym opóźnić procesy starzenia związane z wiekiem, wraz z którym naturalny cykl regeneracji zaczyna zachodzić wolniej.

Types of massage – choose the best one for you!

Doskonały, wspierający, czuły i pobudzający zarazem. Można by pomyśleć, że to opis wzorcowego mężczyzny, ale dziś mowa o masażach. Wszyscy z nich korzystający mają swoje typy. Czy gdyby urządzić wybory mistera masażu udałoby się wybrać najlepszego? Pewnie nie, ale są takie rodzaje masażu, po które sięgamy zdecydowanie częściej. Dlaczego i co w nich doceniamy?

SHEA butter massage – what is this treatment and what effects does it have?

Several African countries have it. Shea trees grow there, which produce the beneficial Shea butter, otherwise known as karité butter.

Active recreation in Masuria – how to organize your vacation?

Maybe not necessarily today or tomorrow, but you have to go on vacation to Masuria. Especially if we are supporters of varied attractions and we cannot sit still for too long.

Attractions for children in Masuria – top 10!

It's hard for adults to imagine what kids are most attracted to. Perhaps that's because these aren't any loans to pay off or working overtime. So when we go on vacation, we have a reset from work and the desire to save money in our minds, while our children do the opposite.

What to take on a sailing trip, or in other words what to take on a cruise in Masuria?

Cruising in Masuria is no small feat. Every vacation is a dilemma of what to pack, but a sailing trip is a more complicated matter. First of all, we will not suddenly jump ashore to buy something necessary, secondly, we should not expect a three-door sliding closet on a boat, which we sail, in addition, usually not alone.

Holiday first-aid kit for adults and children – what to take with you?

Our imagination starts to work at the thought of a vacation. We see the blue of the sky and a similar shade on the endless sea, the juicy green of exotic nature and colorfull drinks. It happens, however, that holidays become a battlefield for a while.

Hotel savoir-vivre, or how to behave appropriately in a hotel?

Does being polite make sense? As the philosopher Schopenhauer argued, politeness is a vice comparable to an inflatable pillow which, although empty inside, allows it to soothe the blows experienced in life.

Ideas and a place to get engaged! Check out our tips!

The movie love story works like an advertisement. We all fall under its persuasion, even if we claim not to. Although it must be admitted that romantic visions of love until "death do us part" are more applicable to women, men, wanting to marry these particular women, know that they have to make an effort.

How to organize a bachelor party in a hotel with SPA?

Nobody really knows what the bachelor party is about. The tradition of supposedly meeting only men for the last time and having fun, as never again, sounds absurd

Spa bachelorette party – how to organize it? What to keep in mind?

Our tastes vary. This means for sure, only that we don't all dance to the same music and eat the same thing for breakfast. It doesn't stop there, for we spend our time differently from our neighbor or colleague every day.
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