What to wear to the spa ?


Spa for singles

Fashion does not avoid us regardless of the circumstances. Going to the pool or spa also raises questions about the outfit, and it is up to us whether we want to let go of the combinations, or whether we want to look in accordance with the trends.

But either way, you should think about what to bring with you to the spa to avoid stress and embarrassment. Especially if you are only going to a spa and not combining it with a trip to a hotel, you need to know what to bring with you. And fashion may or may not accompany you on this outing.

Basic dress code for the spa

First of all, it should be comfortable. Clothes that are too tight and stiff are not only difficult to remove, but also cause trouble later. After the treatments, when according to the assumption, we will be more relaxed, the skin will be moisturized, sometimes after scrubs more irritated or swollen, and tight clothes can be seductive.


Therefore, it may simply be difficult to put on less comfortable and flexible clothes again. In addition, if you do not know exactly what to choose in the spa, it is worth dressing in layers. Massage of the back, neck or leg treatments do not necessarily involve taking off the entire wardrobe. So it is better to choose a tracksuit than stylish jeans and let go of the greater fashion requirements at this point. On the more technical side, it is worth contacting the office for detailed guidelines as to what to take and what is offered on the spot.

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Swimsuit, towel or bathrobe?

The type of treatments we choose will be important. And so, if our goal is a sauna, the swimsuit is out of the question, and we take a larger towel with us. One-piece swimsuit will come in handy when you plan water massages, mud baths, stay in a cryotherapy chamber or salt caves. The swimming pool or jacuzzi are also places for swimsuits, including two-piece swimsuits.
A bathrobe is an element of clothing especially useful in those places that require a transition from the cloakroom or hotel room to the spa area. For your own and others’ comfort, and for your health, in order not to get cold in air-conditioned places and drafts, it is worth reaching the spa in a bathrobe. The very exit from the pool, sauna or cryotherapy chamber may also be associated with certain thermal sensations, in which wearing a bathrobe will help.

Flip-flops well appreciated

The fact is that in order to avoid any dangerous situations related to slipping on a wet surface, we should take bathing slippers with us. The Wellness & Spa zone is a place where the humidity is greater, and we are dealing with cosmetic products which may also cause a greater likelihood of slipping. Slippers also contribute to our and someone else’s aesthetic comfort.
Despite adhering to hygiene rules, foot fungus infections still occur in spa salons. We are less likely to put ourselves and others at risk if we protect ourselves with our own rather than borrowed on the spot flip-flops. We can often find salons offering disposable slippers, which if we forget our own, may come in handy.

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So what about this fashion?

With some people there is no discussion and regardless of the circumstances they want to look good. All the more so if going to the spa means staying at a luxury hotel in exotic countries. Fashionable bikinis, brand-name sunglasses or unusual flip-flops will then be the basis in the suitcase. If even in everyday life we have such a need to look stylish, we take care of every element of our clothing and accessories, but remember that sequins and stilettos in the spa are too much. Airy and comfortable cotton or viscose are materials that will easily fit into a fashionable dress or a spectacular, and maybe an elegant tracksuit. All this so that our skin can breathe and feel the comfort and freedom of movement. This will allow us to enjoy the effects of treatments for a long time, which too stiff and restrictive clothing can quickly eliminate.


Let’s think of a spa outfit as pajamas. It is supposed to be comfortable, nice to the touch and give us freedom of movement. And we all know that pajamas can be different – sophisticated, bold, warm and light. However, all of them do not prevent but promote a good night sleep. We go to the spa to take care of our body, so let fashion remain in second place.