What to take on a sailing trip, or in other words what to take on a cruise in Masuria?


Cruising in Masuria is no small feat. Every vacation is a dilemma of what to pack, but a sailing trip is a more complicated matter. First of all, we will not suddenly jump ashore to buy something necessary, secondly, we should not expect a three-door sliding closet on a boat, which we sail, in addition, usually not alone.
The most important thing is the practical approach, and with it the choice of things for their functions. Wind, water, sun and cold should therefore be the main determinants of our approach to packing.

What to wear on a yacht?

The first cruise is a challenge that often ends up with an excess of things that we will never use, but the first pancake is always spoiled and the next year we already know that sailing is not a cruise ship. What should be in our luggage? At this point it should not be a hard suitcase on wheels, but just a soft bag, which can be stuffed anywhere, and if we unpack everything from it, it will not take up any space under the deck. And what to pack into it? For starters, non-slip rubber boots with closed toes for walking on deck. Of course, take other shoes because sometimes you go ashore during the cruise. A baseball cap or a hat with a brim is a must, especially when combined with sunglasses. Your head needs to be protected when you are so exposed to the sun. A hat will additionally protect your neck and ears. A warm hat and thermal underwear are also an important part of your cold weather gear.

Let’s take more socks and underwear so that you don’t have to wash too often on the yacht. A waterproof jacket with a hood and waterproof pants are obligatory, and even a waterproof suit will be a good idea. It is always a good idea to have warmer sweatshirts with you, preferably made of quick-drying material. Also T-shirts and shorts should dry fast, because when sailing you are constantly dealing with humidity as well as drying sun and wind, so wet clothes do not pile up. They dry more efficiently the more the material of which they are made is conducive to it. Finally, the swimsuit, which can be the dominant garment on a yacht every day. What else should we pack when going on a cruise on the Masurian lakes?

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Mandatory things to take on a cruise

We don’t stop packing at clothes, and we pack the rest of our belongings, starting with sunscreen with a strong filter. We also take repellents and a properly stocked first-aid kit (plasters, disinfectants, medications taken, something for pain and fever). Hygiene and bathing supplies should also be packed. It’s a good idea to take bedding with you, as you will have to pay for any rental. A blanket, sleeping bag, quick-dry towels and a phone charger will come in handy. ID, money or a credit card should be taken preferably in a waterproof package. If you want to learn how to operate a yacht in the process, it is advisable to bring yachting gloves to protect your hands when tightening the ropes.

Our bag should include a headlamp, there are different situations on the water, regardless of the time of day, and thanks to the lighting on the head, we will have both hands free. A multi-purpose pocket knife will also be useful. Even if we do not think of what it could be useful for, we will certainly know the answer more than once on board. Let’s also think about free time, because we went on vacation, and not on a helmsman’s course. A mask with a tube, fins or a beach ball will always work in a water environment. On board, however, we can use various board games, maybe a guitar and a songbook. There will also be fishing enthusiasts, so you will need fishing equipment. Something to read will never fail, if not on paper, then you can always take it in the form of an e-book reader. If we like to listen to music, we will complete our playlist in advance on the phone or mp3 device.

If we have doubts, it is always worth contacting the owner of the yacht on which we are going to sail or the yacht rental company to make sure what the vessel is equipped with, and also to ask experienced people about what we should still remember. It is all the more important that it does not turn out that our first cruise will disappoint or stress us enough that we will not decide to go on the next one.