Spa for couples – what treatments are recommended for couples?


Spa dla par

The world of spa in its own way meets the needs of couples, who would like to stay together. After all, coming together is coming together. Masuria has been inviting entire families to vacation at any time of the year for a long time. In a family, a pair of parents and their well-being is no less important than that of their younger or older offspring. How to take care of a couple?

Rituals for two – from relaxation to adventure

It is always a pleasant experience when hot basalt stones surround our body, relaxing, relieving it and reducing stress. However, we can enjoy such an experience even more when a person close to us is right next to us. An atmospheric spa with warm candlelight and aromas of essential oils is the perfect place for soothing conversations, calming emotions or planning something pleasant. A glass of champagne in a hot jacuzzi, on the other hand, will warm the senses of the most overworked and practical everyday people. Some of us come on vacation not to relax, thus the spa must also meet the needs of those who are looking for strengthening, adrenaline and energy for each day full of intense attractions. First things first.


Relaxation for the body is essential

First of all, our body often calls for relaxation and relief, because everyday work, even if not physical, is so stressful that it is difficult for it not to have an impact on the body, muscle tension, deterioration of the skin condition. So we come with our partner to the hotel and we intuitively look for the spa area. Fortunately, we find it and eagerly jump into our bathrobes and slippers.

There is no shortage of people eager massage for a relaxing foot and back massage but maybe we won’t have to queue. Nothing will relax those places that we often have sore. We most often place various stresses and fears in our backs, and our legs have to bear these backs every day. For tired, dry skin, a cleansing treatment with micronized algae will be a good option. The richness of minerals, vitamins and enzymes will smooth, nourish the skin and stimulate it to self-regeneration.

Polecamy masaż masłem SHEA

For those who can never have too much activity

Not everyone likes or wants to rest in peace. Which treatment offer will be suitable for such a couple? For example, a lymphatic massage will stimulate circulation, metabolism and improve the functioning of the immune system. It will also reduce swelling in the legs, which is often a problem after a day spent in the mountains or hiking. In the offer of St.Bruno Hotel this type of treatment is the Perfect Contour massage, which has a draining effect, stimulates metabolism and regulates water balance. A whirlpool bath is another option for those wishing to regain energy after a busy day. In addition, it relieves any pain and relaxes tense muscles. Activity is activity, but no one should deny themselves a bit of relaxation and indulgence. In what form should you serve it to yourself?

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If it’s a dessert, it’s best with chocolate

he end of the vacation always comes and that’s when we should especially give ourselves time to soothe and relax and that’s best done sweetly. To sweeten the end of something good and return to familiar reality – this is what everyone deserves. St.Bruno Hotel offers each couple and everyone a unique experience in the form of a Chocolate Romance, which will calm the senses and tension, pamper with fragrance and taste, and above all improve the mood. You can sweeten this time additionally chewing chocolate and drinking a glass of wine, or remaining in the chocolate climate – a cup of cocoa. The treatment can be combined with a prior stay in the sauna, where appropriately selected essential oils will improve your mood, and the heat will make your body get rid of toxins and properly moisturized and blood supply will be prepared for further treatments.


It can be said that regeneration and revitalization with the use of treatments should become a permanent feature in our lives. Perhaps such a trip and time spent together in the Wellness & Spa area will initiate such a way of spending time together. Resolving tensions in such circumstances will always go more smoothly.

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