How to organize a bachelor party in a hotel with SPA?


Nobody really knows what the bachelor party is about. The tradition of supposedly meeting only men for the last time and having fun, as never again, sounds absurd. It is known that men still meet after marriage and do various, more or less strange things. And good. So how do you approach the organization of a bachelor party?

Bachelor party – fun without risks

It may be that we react differently to changes in life, even more so those that generate more dependence, responsibility and maturity in general. No longer will one be a student who only has to pass exams or a bachelor who, thanks to a pretty good salary, can spend every weekend on vacation. Separation from such a life can be frightening, and then a bachelor party with other similarly frightened colleagues can be a way to unwind.


However, there may be another situation where, for a man, a bachelor party is a way to breathe in the face of sometimes very intense pre-wedding preparations. Not only do you have to work, but on weekends you have to endure visits from in-laws and witnesses forcing you to choose a cake or church decor. This is when men, for whom it is less important by definition, may want to cut loose for a while and be able to return to conversations about car mechanics, politics or Saturday’s game. And if this can be combined with the company of friends or cousins whom one doesn’t see on a daily basis, if only because of distance, then it’s full joy. If that’s all it takes and at the same time so much, so how do we make a bachelor party unforgettably fun, but also relaxing?

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Gentlemen – at home or away?

The option at home is possible, but it is worth considering how to diversify such a party so that it does not become an ordinary house party. The question is also whether it should be held at the groom’s home, or perhaps as a surprise party at the home of a witness or brother? As a surprise, it is certainly worth thinking about a substantial gift, for example, referring to bachelor times, shared memories from college. However, the necessity of cleaning up afterwards is a deterrent to house parties. Here the solution is to rent an apartment or house for the party or simply a cleaning service. However, the most tempting option is a joint trip, perhaps the first and last in such a group.


So it’s worth considering different options to get the most out of such a trip. A trip to the mountains with a bonfire or to the seaside with a night party on the beach, or maybe the Masurian lakes with a rented yacht, or crazy clubbing in Ibiza? The more heads, the more ideas. However, the choice should depend on the temperament and tastes of the main character of the evening – the groom. Perhaps a good solution would be to go to a good hotel and relax in a spa? Someone will say that this is not for everyone? Perhaps, but who said you have to occupy the sauna all day? It can be a good relaxation before the further evening events.

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Spa bachelor party and more

Masuria is definitely a good place for a bachelor party in the form of a men’s sailing outing in the lead role. There are quite a lot of offers with the care of a professional skipper. A similar adventure attraction can be paintball, off-road cars and scenario games organized around them, which will also show quite a lot of Masurian nature. A bachelor party with such attractions can be commissioned to professionals involved in the organization of corporate events, cruises and regattas. However, before such intense fun, it is good to allow yourself a moment of regeneration and relaxation in the SPA zone. St. Bruno Hotel, located in Giżycko, offers us comfortable accommodation in air-conditioned rooms, delicious meals, but also unlimited use of the SPA zone, and thus the swimming pool, sauna, hot tub and water attractions. It is possible to rent this part of the hotel for a few hours and thus move freely from the pool for a classic full body massage, or maybe a sugar scrub. All this is topped with a fruit platter, wine, champagne or whiskey, if you prefer. The hotel also offers a nightclub, bowling and billiards.

The organization of such an event as a bachelorette or bachelor party combines the fact that it is certainly not easy to satisfy everyone’s expectations at one event. However, this issue can be solved by combining different options so that there is something for everyone. Masuria offers a unique environment in the form of water, water facilities and nature, and the St. Bruno Hotel and a visit there, is primarily a relaxing environment for sleep, recovery, bathing, evening chats over a drink or a good dinner. This will fit into at least the initial expectations of everyone, and the rest of the attractions are up to the partygoers themselves and their imagination.