SHEA butter massage – what is this treatment and what effects does it have?


Several African countries have it. Shea trees grow there, which produce the beneficial Shea butter, otherwise known as karité butter. It is the nuts of this tree, or to be more precise, the seed that is large in them, that is rich in fats, appreciated already by Cleopatra or Nefretete.

In Europe, the tree was only known in the eighteenth century, but products from it arrived here in the late nineteenth century. Research on the properties of butter, thanks to which we have this ingredient so often present in cosmetics, began in the XX century. Late or not, the important thing is that we also have Shea butter.

The king among cosmetics

Natural cosmetics fans know Shea butter very well. The name Shea means ‘holy’ and karité means ‘life’. These two names perfectly reflect the properties of this product. It is revered in the countries of its origin for its unlimited healing, even life-giving properties. It is most appreciated by people struggling with dry skin and hair or dry lips.


The butter is rich in saturated and unsaturated acids, as well as in vitamins A, E and F. Thanks to this it nourishes and moisturizes the body exceptionally effectively, providing the skin with elasticity and smoothness. It moisturizes even the deepest skin layers. What is more, the effects of its use are long-lasting and we can enjoy both the softness, moisturization and the scent itself for a long time. Cosmetologists claim that this natural ingredient is a remedy for all skin ailments. Irritation, scars and stretch marks are no longer a threat to it.

Shea Butter has many names

It is impossible to enumerate in which types of cosmetics Shea butter has found its application. What about the hair? The hair can count on a serum or a mask for dry ends, smoothing the hair structure and making it more flexible. The butter will deeply moisturize and nourish dry hair, thus giving it a shine. The scalp itself can count on soothing any irritations and strengthening the roots.

Dry skin will also appreciate the properties of Shea butter, which will lubricate, moisturize and smooth it. It will also be an effective weapon against free radicals that accelerate skin aging. The skin under the eyes, which is thin and delicate, will also experience its unique effect. This product will reduce swelling, make it more elastic and eliminate dark circles under the eyes. How to use Shea butter for it to be effective?

Shea butter massage – only the real thing

Real, that is, without preservatives and other fillers, which are saturated with products of unknown origin in supermarkets. The refining method is of great importance in production, i.e. mechanical and thermal treatment, which extends its expiry date, but also risks losing many properties if it is improperly carried out. The best, because the richest in health-promoting ingredients, is unrefined butter. If we are sure about the source of origin, it is worth giving up many everyday cosmetics in favor of Shea butter. We can guarantee the absence of allergic reactions with such a natural ingredient. It is also worth considering a massage with Shea butter, because thanks to it, we are able to obtain the deepest level of tissue hydration. Before the massage, the butter is heated and applied to the body at a temperature of 40 degrees. In this way, vitamins and nutrients are delivered to the skin. Are there any restrictions?

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Shea butter massage contraindications

The use of Shea butter alone is safe, but massages always have their limitations, so various concerns should be consulted before treatment. Contraindications include acute inflammation of the respiratory tract, severe skin irritation, epilepsy, early post-traumatic conditions, cancer or hypertension. Menstruation or pregnancy should also be reported before the procedure. If you are qualified for the treatment, remember that you do not need to prepare for it, but a good tip is to take a warm shower before the procedure, which will enhance the effects of this precious cosmetic.


The most important thing is to know what you want, and specifically what our body and mind need. If we know that our skin has a tendency to become dry, cracked or keratinized, we shouldn’t think about the type of massage that would be appropriate for us. With Shea butter, regeneration is guaranteed, regardless of gender. In addition, the package includes relaxation, improvement of well-being and reduction of tensions. You can take advantage of this type of massage at the St. Bruno Hotel.